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Guns don’t kill people, by Scott Redmond

I am not a silent poet

Guns don’t kill people, people do.
Guns don’t kill people, rappers do.
Guns don’t kill people, bullets do.
Guns don’t kill people,  bleeding, hypoxia caused by pneumothorax, catastrophic injury to the heart and larger blood vessels, and damage to the brain or central nervous system do. As a rule, all gunshot wounds are considered medical emergencies that require immediate treatment.
And those gunshots are caused by guns. But guns don’t kill people.

Guns don’t kill people, long term high cholesterol diets do.
Guns don’t kill people, traffic accidents do.
Guns don’t kill people, knives do.
Guns don’t kill people, workplace accidents do.
Guns don’t kill people, falling pianos do.
Guns don’t kill people, hippopotamus attacks do.
And I don’t hear anyone trying to ban hippopotamuses, do you?

Guns don’t kill people, but teachers should be expected to.

‘What if a really heavy gun just fell on someone’s head?’
‘They would…

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Species of Reply/Einstein Wasn’t Wrong, by Peter A Kelly

I am not a silent poet

To witness the wordspill I could hardly wait.
Would he accept that Denial’s Not Appropriate?
And for a moment he acknowledges the reality
seeming to experience nanoseconds of clarity
confirming a partial apparent acceptance
of solid scientific evidence that the
first modern Briton was black, black.
But then makes sure his interpretation
of the incontrovertible revelation pleases
those affected by jingoistic diseases

(finding these words)

I belong here, this is twenty eighteen
Nothing to fear from a Mesolithic fossil
(Nothing against him but nothing in common)
Struggling a bit with the DNA findings though,
Cheddar Man sounds more light than dark to me
However, for the sake of discussion let’s say
this minor blip occurred way back, back
in a time so distant
that it’s almost irrelevant
Well, during ten thousand years
of British history this glitch was erased
from our proud ancestry
but if it had not

(he concludes)

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