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Saboteur Awards and ‘I am not a silent poet’ – Reuben Woolley

I am not a silent poet

Here’s the link to the Saboteur Awards. You have to vote in at least three categories. A vote for I am not a silent poet in the Wildcard Category from all our readers and members of the associated Facebook group pagewould be more than welcome. Let’s see if we can win this year!

Just to sum up:
I am not a silent poet has received 157,173 hits in just over three years.
It has published over 3,000 poems.
The associated Facebook group page has 5,914 members, but you don’t need to be a member to visit it or to comment on any of the poems and links.

It has given a voice to poets of protest against abuse all over the world. I’m not sure I could name a country where it has not been read.


If you feel we deserve it, vote for us.

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