Haibun for French Chefs, by Clara B. Jones

I am not a silent poet

Today Jamal is celebrating Martin King since incarceration is caused by poverty, but you want prisoners to see themselves as scholars if they work the system to get degrees from Stanford where Anthropologists found that chickens were buried with their princes in ancient times before Martin followed Buddha’s path fulfilling his true potential after Jamal used umbrellas to model the structure of style, and Jeff Sessions said Get over it, I can make Terrine de Poissons as well as any French chef. America is not losing because Mexico is winning though the Iran nuclear deal is like an article in Art in America about Bill Bollinger’s sculptures or a book about Tibetan dharma though National Wildlife determined fracking will not harm rabbits. Martin thought he lost his chance to save lions from extinction, but there was time for him to perfect Fenouil Braisé.

Chefs Martin King and

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