Master of the kingdom, by Patrick Williamson

I am not a silent poet

The master of his phone kingdom
in a swagger, with a selfie,
presents himself to the world
who looks away
& when
the bodies sway
engages a chat on his little crusade
drives off with a newly-bought K
emitting allahs into harsh sun
bending men down in pits, strafing –
the puppet swaggers back
& sits, keys clicking, another homie.


Patrick Williamson hails from the Bath area but has been living in Paris for many years. He is widely published in magazines such as Ink, Sweat & Tears, Message in a Bottle, The Blue Nib Press (including special features on translation and found poetry), Poetic Diversity, Ditch, I am not a silent poet, Paris LitUp, The North, Rialto, etc. Six chapbooks out with The Red Ceilings press, Corrupt Press and Palores Publications. Two selected poems in French-English with L’Harmattan, and two English-Italian collections with Samuele Editore. Poems also translated…

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