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five members of staff, by Martin Hayes

I am not a silent poet

after the recent culling of staff
due to a sudden drop in revenue from the loss of a few big accounts
the Board of Directors asked the supervisors to report
on why the service levels have gone down
from 89% to 83%

the supervisors are unsure what to do
as though it was the Board of Directors who ultimately made the decision
on who had to go
it was the supervisors who allowed it to happen
without saying anything about the potential threat to the service levels
for fear of being marked out
as a troublemaker

and now we are here
and the supervisors will not have the guts to tell to the Board of Directors
that the drop in service levels is because we have five less staff now
it will be far easier for them to lay the blame at the controllers who are left
who they will…

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bullets not poems, by Martin Hayes

I am not a silent poet

bullets not poems
change the world
progress not hands
equals nil by mouth
dust not water
creates the thirst
chains not choice
carves the vote
call centers not industry
stallions not mules
death not life
one thousand pounds of pressure per square inch
pressed against the brain for one second longer than can be tolerated
can cause a person to snap
tare out their eyes
with just the use of their hands
and an ice cream scoop

ideas not sweat
crawls the land
strategies not jobs
destroys the community
money not hearts
breaks the will
service not making
celebrities not carpenters
comas not dreams
a clamp tightened against the temples for one second longer than can be tolerated
can make a person uncap their head
remove the things

causing them all of this pain
with just the use of their cupped hands
and an old tin bucket
to chuck them…

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the blood and smiles yet to be delivered into this world, by Martin Hayes

I am not a silent poet

we move the beds of shut down hospital wards that our grandparents laid in to die
we carry the blood of children still open on operating tables
from blood banks to theatres
just to see if they will live
we pack transit vans full of cakes
and take them to weddings where daughters will be given away to men
we pick up contracts from big lawyers and deliver them to CEOs who work from home
so that they can proofread them and sign off the building of a dam
that will shut down a river and turn villages into dust
we tap away at keypads all day sending instructions to couriers
to drive their big vans to bankrupt companies
so that they can empty them of the desks and chairs that workers once sat in
earning just enough money to feed their families and pay their rent
we pick up…

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