Live at the Poet Manqué, by Steven Waling

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

I would like to see your smiling face*
in this corridor of long words, tired explanations
the leased words of Romeo Anschilo

In a corner of the snug George scribbles
his epic The Pubiad. Brown Windsor
and Iambic Pentameter
playing tonight at the Purple Moccasin

Collage of wires tubes monitors
old men surrounded by prose
the lisped words of Rosine Macoolh

Two girls wander in looking for the Greek
His liver’s evacuated to the country
where death is just shortage of breath
from a dropped incendiary

                        trawling old notebooks
                        for new words

Days and nights in the coffin factory
switch electric connections off in the brain
the lapsed words of Alsonso Moriche

Waiting for Just Published Tam
and his 30 variations on Spleen
………………the eternal present puts a pen in my hand
no-one will read…

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