The Spare Parts Shop, by Steven Waling

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Shadows carry parcels blown valves whistling
teenager in gang torture ordeal branded
forties & fifties ghosts & obsessions

post war world after midnight consensus
it’s crunch time for United’s deal
rusting engines won’t buy it new

hands reach out for gadgets retreads
your 24 page guide to the week
austerity no blacks no Irish demob suits

back of drawer tuned to
shooting victim offered bribe news
Radio Moscow Hilversum a touch he

says of this and elbow grease
with hot iron and sexually assaulted
behind some dusty window frequency defunct

dust collectors long since junked
a friend dropping in full story
in back room sofas polishing their

passion for machines that never work
the new New Order city life
come in Saturday with oilskin bags

say let’s make this woodwork gleam
the boy’s horrific injuries page 7
at the back of their heads

our shopkeeper serves in low light

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