things men have said to me (a found poem), by Amy Kinsman

I am not a silent poet

you can be so delightfully cold sometimes.
cold. literally and figuratively.
you’re much cooler than i thought you were.
you have amazing breasts.
that isn’t making you feel attractive to the world?

i know what i’d like to do tonight.
i didn’t think english girls had asses like that.
if you stay, i’m going to ask to fuck you.
people won’t be taking drugs
………and having sex in the street yet anyway.
i bet you’d also like to see my coffee table.
………to be honest i have a much nicer bed.
you have beautiful thighs.
am i coming home with you, then?
don’t fall in love with me.

do you mind if i go?
i was holding on to my testicles the whole time.
big, sweaty, meaty balls.
taking you outside alone was a weird thing to do
……..but for some reason i thought that was right.

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