Doomed Youth, by Stella Wulf

I am not a silent poet

Ahhh, poor black sheep,
hasn’t any hope,
no sir, none sir,
Mum & Dad can’t cope.

There’s plenty for the masters,
who all stand to gain,
none for the girls & boys
who live down benefits lane.

Ahhh, poor black sheep
heads full of wool,
free school dinners,
bellies never full.

It’s all for the leaders,
achievers on a mission,
nothing for the boys and girls
without a pot to piss in.

Ahhh, poor black sheep
this is what we’ll do,
make soldiers of all of you,
red, white, & blue.

Bah, poor black sheep
no wonder what you are
fill your boots and pockets
we’ll turn you into stars,

we’ll have you launching rockets
before your youth is gone,
etch you into granite –
see how they shone.


Last year a report by Northampton University concluded that cadet forces were an effective tool to support children on free…

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