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Variations of hurt by Csilla Toldy

I am not a silent poet


I used to be extra large;
I could have rolled around the world in two minutes.
Exaggerating apart, I was hungry, all the time.
I ate my skin and nails, scratched the wounds till they bled.
My skin stretched,
No fat of the world could protect
my heart that I wore on my sleeve exposed.


Today, after years of starving
I could die, but I stay, just to hurt
you with my hard bones that will
soon bite through the skin.
I capture you with my
and protruding eyes, my
head carefully balanced
on the stick man legs.
I’m perfect –
and this is


When I was twice my present size,
I was your big, battered celebrity punchbag.
You knew everything but nothing about me.
The pain was real and binding; we were
married to my mistaken identity.
Now I enjoy
that in…

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there nothing there, by Michael Mc Aloran

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

…absent of…as if to say that…false start begin again… begins again as if to say absent as if to say echo of…where there nothing there no not ever…arbitrary response of neither broken nor resolved…nothing voiced no not in distance known…colors of which erased merely as if to bail out momentarily were to illuminate…it transpires…rot or no no lapse voiced jaded passage through nowhere of…removal of…dismissal lapse unto follows after as if what once in splendor…no there where nothing there but passage emptily through empty dark…cold eye-limb it cannot otherwise of there what vocal of demonstrate of nothing ever-clad what dim as if to…yet still yet absent…false start begin again…as if to say as if to echo of…never once broken splendor of demise cold colours claim of all…the matter what the…whereof…lapse… forget it forgotten of…merely as if to bail out stifled by way of extraction…rot or no not…never there of nothing…

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Tonight There are no Lights in Gaza, by Rang-Zeb Rango Hussain

I am not a silent poet

Gaza - Rango

A child clings to the cold chest of his mother,
A brother sees his sister crushed in death’s sleep,

A city is shelled from morning till the dead of night,
A nation is hit hard from high in the burning sky,
A desert family is decimated beyond all measure of hope,
A sound pierces through the hearts of those deep in grief,
The Lord of All knows,
The mother of a dead child knows…

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