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Dichotomy / as an / example of largesse, by Mark Young

I am not a silent poet

a gadget on the market is a
crucial resource for understanding
but doesn’t exist as a legal entity

a sheet of bubble wrap is
hard-wired for optimism
which is why it goes pop

the feel-good buzz that comes
from an impulse buy is sharply
drawn in feminist literature

the world as we know it risks
exposure to liability for negligent
hiring whose fulcrum is marriage

the church can be held liable
for technology getting in the
way of face-to-face interactions

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Fly the flag at half-staff, by Marvel Chukwudi Pephel

I am not a silent poet

Because today I have drunk the ocean
And I am leaking from everywhere,
Especially my eyes —
And there is no reservoir to fetch me.
I may leak to death,
I may become a desert with dry bones —
The only oasis you may find will be my eyes
Because my lachrymal glands will still continue to leak.
Will still continue to leak even after this sad day
Goes down in the pages of history.

Fly the flag at half-staff,
For the world is drunk with the ocean of grief —
And we are leaking and leaking and asking:
“How long shall the sun be fed with unwanted bloods?”

       (For victims of the massacres in Benue State, Nigeria).

Marvel Chukwudi Pephel is a prolific Nigerian writer who writes poems, short stories and other things besides. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in Best New African Poets 2016 Anthology…

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