Good Men, by Miki Byrne

I am not a silent poet

Good men do nothing.
While the welfare state crumbles
and politics drive wedges into life.
Good men stay silent whilst war-babies
crawl screaming  to our shores.
Then pry away their needy infant hands
because that is what voters want.
Good men turn away
when ex-servicemen sit homeless
in the streets and thousands
of disabled die from cruel assessments,
attempts to starve them back to work.
Good men wear good faces when the
mentally ill are stigmatised,
refugees demonised and neighbours
must use food banks to survive.
Good men agree to zero-hour contracts,
foster insecurity, fear of illness, absence.
Allow bosses to become overseers
and resurrect  Victorian values
that punish and demean.
Good men don’t rock the boat, even if
it’s called injustice and carries a cargo of greed.
When good men finally act,
when societies failures landslide
and push them against spiked walls,
it will be too late.
Evil is…

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