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Sonnet to Nakba, by Andy Brown

I am not a silent poet

For the word clash substitute massacre. For the phrase ‘fifty-two dead’
imagine all your school class piled up one-upon-one resting upon their
equally dead teachers. For a reason choose history of conflict and war,
check definitions – displacement, invasion, theft, blockade. For irony
check their story of a boy, David, a sling for a weapon. Watch social
media – Palestinian images – women throwing stones, sling-shooting
boys with no thought of safety. What else to do in a ghetto enclave
(as your captors suffered many decades ago) but fight for freedom?
But now it is those who had been the haunted becoming the hunter,
the now-free descendants of Holocaust victims – laughing jailors,
perpetrators; land-thieves acting with impunity searing truth on
enslaved souls, laughing with injustice, celebrating a decreed
discrimination dealing with defiance disproportionately – the worst
thing is, I know, when you read this, the dead will number hundreds.

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