Razan al-Najjar (1998-2018), by Danny Dover

I am not a silent poet

Dear Razan,
crushed and thrown away
your life was a poem
just beginning to be written.
Does it matter
what I was doing
twenty years ago
when you were born?
Forgive me
for not noticing
from this corner
of the world where
we don’t face snipers.
Here the walls are piles
of flagstone lining fields
of grazing sheep.
What does the bullet feel
entering a heart?
Yours was full of longing,
your blood soaking
the ground you loved.
We were praying for rain
the day you died.
Some prayers
are answered.


Danny Dover’s poems have appeared in various journals including Oberon, Himalayan Journal, Blueline, and Bloodroot. He was a 2013 Pushcart nominee.  Danny’s first full-length book of poetry, Tasting Precious Metal, was published in 2014 by Antrim House Books (available at: https://www.norwichbookstore.com).  His chapbook, Kindness Soup, Thankful Tea (Dhotarap Press), was published in 2006. Danny is a retired…

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