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What is a “homeboy” to do? (Sonnet), by Clara B. Jones

I am not a silent poet

for Antwon Rose (d. 19 June 2018, 17 y.o., Allegheny County, PA)

  1. You can buy a house in Collegeville and paint it Federal Blue.
  2. You can join B.L. Matter and wear designer clothes.
  3. You can move to France and make Pinot Noir.
  4. You can pair caviar and collards.
  5. You can shave truffles on your mac’ & cheese.
  6. You can trade your I-Phone® for a bag of chips.
  7. Poetry disrupts the way we see the world, but you can vote Republican and save negroes.
  8. Pittsburgh is a modern ecosystem where you can buy Abstract Art.
  9. More people with depression are living full lives so you can weigh the benefits of therapy.
  10. The barrel is either half empty or half full (rat-a-tat-tat), but look on the bright side, cigarettes could cost more.
  11. Surrounded by violence, you can go anywhere.
  12. They may want to hurt you, but they don’t mean to…

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the children, by Crystal Snoddon

I am not a silent poet

because they are prone           383 children    lie//stand//fall
little limbs misshaped wide, their colors,
their pores pressed between layers of digital fungus
a trap set by sticky fingers
exposed, their pixel skins breathe

383 children birthed to operation Broken Heart
……………may inhale beyond the pages, believe
lizards trickle fairy tales tears, while they bleed
from clefts of torn innocence.

sweet children:

you are not alone.………you, 383, you have been found, but

others cry compressed air into ribs//into throats clamped//voices
enslaved in virtual silence.

to the seeming endless scream on the screen:
the web vibrates with searching — your mouths
shake sternums and clavicles, blow bony cacophony
into trade winds that grasp and claw.

a child’s rain

gathers between small scapular curves,
nestles into the indents where shame
might hang elastic sputum memories of fat lips and thin lips,
hide the blisters of chapped hands who brand…

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