Filibusting & Gerrymandering, by Bob Beagrie

I am not a silent poet

“I would fain know what we have fought for, and this is the old law of England and that which enslaves the people of England that they should be bound by laws in which they have no voice at all.”
Thomas Rainsborough, The Putney Debates, 1647

…They were told, above all
that they would be able to pass
Laws independently
and in the interests of
the people of this country…

Except for those who find themselves:
in homelessness
in poverty, detained
relying on food banks
under sanction and
those engaged in all kinds
of untoward shenanigans…

…This campaign should be about
opportunity and hope,
to be more nimble and dynamic,
a chance to do things differently…

We all begin on a level playing field
of burning injustices,
walk among the wastelands, slums,
leafy suburbs, ivory towers
and heaps of broken images…

…And what we are looking at
is measures to….

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