songs I not sing, by Darius Molark

I am not a silent poet

today i write of distant songs
of songs across the lands and the seas
of songs held with eyes languid,
searing voices lashed across the towns and the grief
that have have received the bombs, the planes
and the feet that have march for days through
ungodly insanes, why so pliant the woman
and children that they cannot be moved
but burnt to the ground songs of
sweeping throats through horrid pain

songs that probably cannot be song
today i write of distant songs
songs that garble like ocean crossing sea birds
that grip the skies in the morning and
that feast on what is left of the ravaged earth

songs that do not tell time
songs that merely go away
dreaded songs despair
songs songs that

i have forgotten
songs so far
so far

darius molark, poet writer in chicago

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