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Infographic, by Neil Fulwood

I am not a silent poet

The man from Corporate wears an expression
like a constipated bullfrog and announces
that he has an announcement. He requires
everybody’s attention. We lock our computers

and wait till the poor sod on the twelve-minute call
with a complainant gets through
with being verbally abused, after which
the phones are ignored and anyone knocking

on the door of our department is redirected
in the general direction of where the sun
never shines. He has our undivided attention
and he uses it to talk about infrastructure

and integration and the Corporate Operating System
whereby every site functions
on the same model and such factors
as geography, demographics and socio-economic

realities don’t figure since people half our age
on four times our salary who don’t remember
the Thatcher years are apparently
better qualified to know what’s best for us.

What’s best for us is set out in an infographic:
the top half…

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