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The Second Question, by Mike Took

I am not a silent poet

I’m a non-British resident, transgender working pensioner
I’m a means-tested, mixed race, unpaid contracted support-worker
I’m a non-white, gender fluid, single parent lesbian
I’m a child of Muslim parents, asexual, agnostic, churchgoer

Review my application
Process my claim
Specify my future
But struggle with my name
Confirm my entitlement
Deal with my request
Govern my choices
Decide what happens next

I’m an angry retired socialist considering private medicine
I’m a genius adolescent who’s been taught to hate society
I’m a childless unemployed father with some kids who call me Dad
I’m a dyslexic mature student filling forms in for a loan

Rejected.  Deferred.
Your final word
Approved.  Denied.
You decide
Adopted?  Non-practising?  Queer?  Two mothers?
Just put Other
Tick the box
Judged by a social paradox

Oh how I want to fit in
To be happy and successful just doing my thing
You ask, I answer
But what can I…

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