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Three poems by Mela Blust

I am not a silent poet

plastic death

she used the     blue blood moon
to blot her      sea shaped eyes;
acid tears       chemtrail skies
you suffocated her.
your machines    took the trees
limbs snapped    plague disease
broken arms can’t wrap, cradle.
micro beads     swirling the seas
into her uterus
to bear the rotten fruit
until her    last breath
the disguise    of progress
plastic      death


machine does what he is told
there are lies to be sold
drones to the end of the day
makes his living this way
machine goes home at night
turns out all the lights
doesn’t know who he is
reality is not his
machine breaks down one day
has to be thrown away
left out in the cold
there are lies to be sold


hurts bad today. all that we have built

festers within my nearly hollowed shell the

candy pop shadow of nauseating filth is playing

an almost constant…

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Two poems by Hilary Hares

I am not a silent poet

Red Shoes

It’s Friday night.
The fire-lighter’s back.

It’s late.
He’s had a drink.

With the skill of a god
he makes new life in the grate.

She’s asleep, perhaps,
in the tie-me-down bed

but she sparks when the cap
of his boot strikes the stair.

She scents his smoky finger-pads,
his malted breath.

That’s when that other child
who lives inside


A Game of Chess

Bearing the arms of a mother’s distant cousin
a black knight rides in,
his visor a camera of forbidden angles
focused on a blue poplin skirt.

The girl has put her trust in the Queen
who isn’t home.
Not a tear from her fixed doll-eye as the knight
lifts, probes, clicks the shutter.

Much later on she pours her guilt
into the Queen’s red ear,
learns that the king is not to be told,
the knight not checked.

Hilary Hares lives in…

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