5 language poems, by Yuan Changming

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky


Is more than one word, where (or
When) ‘one’ is sandwiched

Between two wall-like ‘l’s (as in lies)

Driven (or followed)
By a vowel of reason

Drafting the Dragon

  • According to a recent survey conducted in ten English speaking countries,
    the top 10 most familiar Chinese words are …

In the Shaolin (少林) Temple
Rebuilt between yin and yang (阴阳)
With billions of yuan (元)
Collected from gugong (故宫the Imperial Palace)
After each greeting nihao (你好)
The wushu (武术Chinese martial arts) is
Gaining more and more momentum from qi (气)
Or the energy of qigong (气功)
Bloated with tons of renminbi (人民币)
While every Chinese is playing mahjiong (麻将)

Voice Finding

C-c-come h-h-here, ssssssssometimes
I-I-I-I ssssssspeak l-l-l-like th-th-this

[With my mouth open in position
But no sound comes out, or
Holding my breath, staring wildly
Beyond, limbs waving, muscles tensioned
Around my eyes, nose, lips, neck

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