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chrysalis, by Amy Louise Wyatt

I am not a silent poet

/  homeless  —  please help  /
as if he spoke for every man in every street in every town

his bag:  chrysalis
in the cold he turned to creature that he longed to be

winged  —  flew free  — city full of ants
so busy with their jobs they failed to see that they were carrying

a weight
and he was light and free to fly


small things  —  we are all small things


Amy Louise Wyatt is a writer, lecturer and artist from Bangor, N.I.  She has had work published in a range of literary journals and magazines such as The Honest UlstermanFourxFourDodging the Rain and Cold Coffee Stand. Amy has most recently read her poetry on The BBC Arts Show, at University of Ulster’s Riverside Readings and at festivals throughout Ireland . She is the editor of The Bangor Literary Journal

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