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Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Gerry Potter

The Wombwell Rainbow

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews

I am honoured and privileged that the following writers local, national and international have agreed to be interviewed by me. I gave the writers two options: an emailed list of questions or a more fluid interview via messenger.

The usual ground is covered about motivation, daily routines and work ethic, but some surprises too. Some of these poets you may know, others may be new to you. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.


Gerry Potter

is a poet, playwright, director, actor, and both creator and destroyer of the infamous gingham diva, Chloe Poems. His published works are included in both the poetry and philosophy collections at Harvard University, and the portrait documentary My Name is Gerry Potter premiered at Homotopia in 2015. An Everyman Youth Theatre alumnus, National Museums Liverpool lists him amongst the city’s leading LGBTQ+ icons.

The Interview

  1. When and…

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The golden piano of Queen Elizabeth

Peace Poet Antony Owen

grayscale photography of man praying on sidewalk with food in front Photo by sergio omassi on Pexels.com

Your Majesty –

in the golden piano lay your keys to your kingdom

black and white keys making discordant music if listened to.

Your Treachery –

speak of your poverty not ours as our jewels are stars

the universe of collieries blew out years ago by knighted men.

Your Speeches –

Grenfell was a palace for Shohab and John sweet disciples

they cannot refurbish soil so hang your imported slave silks

Your Palace

I read it will cost three hundred and sixty-nine million pounds.

if you walked to the park you will see your soldier raiding bins.

Your anthem,

I hear it in the wheeze of a dying vagrant who served in Iraq

his friend exploded like an English rose in an armoured rover.

Your Majesty,

I do not condone the letter ‘E’ for empire it died a million times,

my heart gave me…

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