Pravda, poems by Rus Khomutoff

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky


Annhialating the real
venus impossible fathom lines of
a mystery front
in a forever empty vein
satan tango anthropic wildfire
correct wing answer addiction
instamatic endlessness
transformative astonishments
dominion fragments that proclaim a rupture
spitfire ragged edge
children of the decadent pause
on a scatterbrain pedestal nevertheless
a dreamflesh narrative hyperloop

“The walls screamed poetry disease & sex an inner
whine like a mad machine” Jim Morrison from Wilderness

The day of the materialized fantasy
entangled by the world
mysticurious mindwebs
of utopia transcendence
armour testament
chasm omnibus flare
supreme splendour serenade
live over everything
my serum addiction
the 1st electric wildness
systematic horizons of
cardinal amusements

Explanations begin with a river
between the material world and
the world of feelings
love made of sky
disobeying pagodas lingering on the presipice
rites and mysteries
of the artful pause
corralling a lifetime of upholds
blessings strongest wind in
ebony stillness

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