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a love bipolar

RIP Leanne. You were a star.


leanne bridgewater

a love bipolar

Made for the Szpilman Award back in 2013. Biographical to an extent. A heart journey haunted by the feeling of missing, assisted by cats.

Epileptics beware – contains some flash visuals


©leanne bridgewater, 2014

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Smoke Knife, by Andrea Mbarushimana

I am not a silent poet

Shaun says it’s the dope
it’s so strong, these days
when you’ve had a few tokes
you can’t let things go
you can’t walk away,
you feel the smoke knife
itching your palm
it punctures through pain
it punctures through pride
and there ends the high
the high ends in blood
pooling in the street
it sticks to your steps
it follows you home
and how do you cope?
you turn to the smoke
try pretending
that none of it’s real

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