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Three poems by Rupert M Loydell

I am not a silent poet


We are a biological computer
drawing lines, connecting dots,
processing glyphs and contours.
Big photos on the wall make us feel
like we are going to the moon.

Anybody can make a narrative,
everybody does. We grid the page,
restrain the words, and everything
falls into place once mapped.
It’s like a battlefield, you have to

think your own way through. I want
a definitive world view; perception
has changed because of technology
but is always open to recall. We occupy
a different space in another room.



When I came to write this, I had lost the first sheet of paper written in the night as the poem nudged at me, escaping from the book I’d finally managed to read after three attempts.

The story is told to the narrator by his friend (‘I remember he said that she said’), slowly recounted by…

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The Lake Isle of Innisfree Reversed, by Sally Evans

I am not a silent poet

(with thanks to W.B. Yeats)

I will repair the boat and go now, and go to Westminster.
A pavement shack will I build there, of cardboard and plastic made,
Nine alibis will I have there, and fears for my sanity,
and live in crowds in the traffic fumes and crackdown on undesirables and the over-reaction police security raid.

And I shall find some greed there, and lies from the BBC,
dripping from the Cabinet Office to where the media cringe,
where midnight’s broken promises, and noon a legal travesty,
and evening full of the consequences of all these irresponsible things.

I will repaint the boat and go for Rudd, Corbyn, Bercow, Johnson, May and Gove,
for always night and day
I hear protesters clashing in anger and despair,
while I am on the shoreline, or in the heather mauve,
I hear it in the shallow heart of Westminster.

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