The Puppet Wedding, by Gordon Faylor, reviewed by Clara B. Jones

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Gordon Faylor
The Puppet Wedding
Smiling Mind Documents
Unpaginated (11 pages of text, ~32 lines per page)
50 pamphlets printed and distributed by author

Reviewed by Clara B. Jones


“I’m drawn to subversions of compositional requisites or genre.” J. Gordon Faylor (2014)

I suspect that readers will agree that some writers’ works are so stimulating and singular that the impulse to share them with others cannot be suppressed. J. Gordon Faylor (photograph—publisher and editor of the experimental literature house, GaussPDF) is, for me, one of those writers. In a previous review, I wrote that his novel, Registration Caspar (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2016), “is an extreme and extremely compelling tour de force of experimental literature in the tradition of ‘associative’ (and ‘collage’) writing and, possibly, long-form (‘epic’) poetry.” The Puppet Wedding, like Caspar, is a “transrational experiment” (Viktor Shklovsky), fulfilling Marjorie Perloff’s description of collage poetry whereby…

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