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Grinning men, by Angi Holden

I am not a silent poet

Their cruelty makes them feel good,
makes them feel proud, happy,
closer to one another.

In such a whirlwind it can be hard to keep track.

Children of immigrants, protected status revoked,
a blanket ban on visas for Chinese students,
and for same-sex partners of foreign officials.

Supporters cheer as the president mocks a professor,
her testimony. Now malice is embraced as virtue, impossible to contain.

Cruelty and rhetoric, intimately connected, flay his targets,
Adolescent male cruelty: a bonding mechanism,
a vehicle for intimacy through contempt. They have done it together.

We hear the cruel laughter:
immigrant children separated from families;
a child with Down syndrome separated from her mother.
News hosts mock a survivor of massacre,
the women who said the president had assaulted them,
the teen survivors of a school shooting.

The president mocks the thousands killed
and tens of thousands displaced by hurricane;
the black athletes protesting…

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fall silent again, by Mandy Macdonald

I am not a silent poet


deafens / terrifies
they will not shut up
nothing they say beautiful
or true
mangled language
lies bleeding

lies lies
lies lies lies
lies lies lies lies
(repeat ad nauseam
usque ad mortem
not long now)

like a cat they have nine lies
at least
cat o nine tales
tall tales
none of them true
shut up we say shut up but
they don’t hear
flagellated by their own noise
swishing & roaring while

we are driven back bleeding
into silence

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#MeToo, by Nancy Dunlop

I am not a silent poet

I wish I hadn’t publicly shared that I was a #MeToo.

I thought it would feel cathartic.

It didn’t.

I thought it would help me feel a stronger bond with women who also said #MeToo.  Help to bring us out of our personal isolations.

It didn’t.

I feared that if my male friends saw that I was a #MeToo, they would get uneasy, and I would need to protect them from hearing bad things.   So, did this allow me to feel like I could be honest with men I knew?  Gain their support?  A shoulder to lean on?

It didn’t.

I had the tiniest pipe dream that men would see #MeToo, and it would make them speak up, show some outrage, some sort of appropriate reaction.

It didn’t.

I feared that if I came out as #MeToo, I would be met with, not just outright denial, but with aggression and anger…

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