#MeToo, by Nancy Dunlop

I am not a silent poet

I wish I hadn’t publicly shared that I was a #MeToo.

I thought it would feel cathartic.

It didn’t.

I thought it would help me feel a stronger bond with women who also said #MeToo.  Help to bring us out of our personal isolations.

It didn’t.

I feared that if my male friends saw that I was a #MeToo, they would get uneasy, and I would need to protect them from hearing bad things.   So, did this allow me to feel like I could be honest with men I knew?  Gain their support?  A shoulder to lean on?

It didn’t.

I had the tiniest pipe dream that men would see #MeToo, and it would make them speak up, show some outrage, some sort of appropriate reaction.

It didn’t.

I feared that if I came out as #MeToo, I would be met with, not just outright denial, but with aggression and anger…

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