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Uncivil War, by Terrence Sykes

I am not a silent poet

jargon moderne
would name me
spectral being
but call myself
a man
a young man
too young
to be a man
to die for a unforgiving
futile unnecessary war
but was not the first
or never be the last
fancied myself a poet
& an orchardist
inherited my father’s land
when he died of tuberculous
then men came to my little Virginia town
pulled all the us  even the boys
onto the main street
you die here as a traitor
or perhaps in battle as a hero
skirmishes & encounters
raged all along these land of
this commonwealth where
watered runs divide into branches
making it nearly impossible
to forge with cannon or artillery
re-enactments on these knolls
the blue and grey in their
mock battles & crips clean uniforms
while we were knee deep in mud
all sides in brown so you knew not
friend neighbor…

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