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Two poems by Clara B. Jones

I am not a silent poet

AAA_Traits_00Sonnet For Lyotard #1

  1. You hid Lyotard’s notebooks in your vitrine…
    …because Philosophy made me what I am today.

  2. Your boredom poems changed ego’smeaning.
    Freud was the Ubernode of personal growth.

  3. It was only true aposteriori.
    Only then did I sympathize with Cyborgs.

  4. Critics are rarely your friends…
    because “cold” is a polyphone, and critics can be ruthless.

  5. Your skin is xanthous.
    My race is unknown, but resistance is a virtue.

  6. You were born before the riots…
    …when lives were at risk.

  7. They praised Adorno, but Kristeva called them Romantic.
    Wordsworth was their favorite poet after Keats died young.

  8. Romantics invented “the sublime”…
    …also, they collected stamps.

  9. A poem is a series of dots.
    It is noble to turn dots into words.

  10. Despite contradictions, life does not paralyze you.
    I drink lemonade at every meal.

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