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Wombwell Rainbow Book Interviews: “hall of several tortures” By Reuben Woolley

Thanks to Paul Brookes for this interview with me on The Wombwell Rainbow about my coming book, ‘this hall of several tortures’.

The Wombwell Rainbow

Dean pasch the hall of several tortures

The title poem of his new collection with Knives Forks and Spoons Press.’this hall of several tortures’ (with thanks to Fran Lock)

A link to Reuben’s earlier Wombwell Rainbow Interview:

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Reuben Woolley

1. What inspired your new book?

I’ve always been fascinated by Science Fantasy starting back in the late 60s with Michael Moorcock, which is where I had my first contact with the idea of the multiverse. This continues years later with Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and later with China de Mïeville. I’ve been reading Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’ as well. I’ve often wondered what kind of poetry, if any, would be found on these parallel worlds. I suppose I wanted to have a go at writing it. I’ve also been stimulated by Dean Pasch’s multi-layer photos and was delighted when he agreed to do the cover, one which sums up the…

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Prisoner 1858, by Steven Croft

I am not a silent poet

My feet sore, broken, face
pressed against cinder blocks,
cooler than our unwashed world
of bodies in the small jail cell.
Dragged back to interrogation,
hung by ankles from a dark ceiling,
leg irons are tentacles of pain
the guard strums with a stick,
Then beats me.  The outskirts
of the city are broken shells
of buildings.  I am told I am
responsible.  My companion,
Fear, a vertigo that leaves and
comes back until I can’t hear
the questions or count the strikes —
it is now that I dream an other
Self.  Asked to give the names
of others, I think human existence
is full of such traps, that this
is why I’m here, my name spoken
By another, hanging here, as
I lose sense of time and believe
I am him, but, instead, I say
the names of my family silently
To myself…

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