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Wombwell Rainbow Book Review: hall of several tortures By Reuben Woolley

Paul Brookes writes an excellent pre-issue review of my new book, ‘this hall of several tortures.

The Wombwell Rainbow

Dean pasch the hall of several tortures

A photograph by Dean Pasch provides the front cover illustration to “hall of several tortures”

Wombwell Rainbow Book Review: hall of several tortures By Reuben Woolley (Knives, Forks and Spoons press, 2019)

anonymous displeasure

I am increasingly impressed by the work produced by Reuben Woolley. His latest publication “hall of several tortures” he describes as “built up around the multiverse concept. A young woman lives on a parallel world from ours (through the membrane) she is somehow able to see and sometimes participate in events on this dystopian world of ours.” The contents lists the poems without page numbers, and there are no page numbers on the pages themselves. As with most poetry collections this leaves us with two options: read the book page by page from left to right, or to dip in as our fancy takes us. Either way the words are sparse on the page so the “white space”…

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Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Andres Rojas

The Wombwell Rainbow

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews

I am honoured and privileged that the following writers local, national and international have agreed to be interviewed by me. I gave the writers two options: an emailed list of questions or a more fluid interview via messenger.

The usual ground is covered about motivation, daily routines and work ethic, but some surprises too. Some of these poets you may know, others may be new to you. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Andres Rojas

Andres Rojas
was born in Cuba and arrived in the United States at age 13. He is the author of the chapbook Looking For What Isn’t There (Paper Nautilus Debut Series winner) and of the audio chapbook The Season of the Dead (EAT Poems). His poetry has been featured in the Best New Poets series and has most recently appeared or is forthcoming in, among others, AGNI, Barrow…

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Two poems by Kushal Poddar

I am not a silent poet

Cats Don’t Love Guns

The cat waited for her house owner
in the evening after the mass shooting in a mall,
an usual gloaming midst all the palaver
about the climate change, dictators, stalls
of sugar inaugurating besides the sugar stalls.

The old man returned not; the cat did
on the following day and night,
ate from another resource, moaned
at those swaying summer leaves
casting susurrus shadows on the stairs.

The house owner waned away from the cat’s
immediate mind.
People listening to the news heard



Basil recalibrates the summer.
The aliment consists salad and breeze.
We lift forkfuls of good heat
and before we digest the mass shootings
life nourishes life. Because I feel the sting
I am alive having a summer dish in your company.
We both know moon rises somewhere
behind those acropoles; life may end life;
gun may reproduce sons of a gun;

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