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my body politic, by Mark Young

I am not a silent poet

The white-wing com-
mentators cackle like
geese as the king of the
barnyard distributes
purported pearls of
wisdom which they
gobble down with un-
bridled joy. Blinded by

being accorded audience,
they do not recognize
that what is being doled
out to them is nothing
more than blanched
pellets of horse shit.

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pink maggit by M; Margo; Review by Clara B. Jones

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

AAA_Margopink maggit
M; Margo [Margo Emm: photograph]
Ghost City Press Summer Series
Unpaginated [12 pp]
Free PDF @ ghostcitypress.com [donations accepted]

Short Review by Clara B. Jones

“I tell them that the tricks of today are the truths of tomorrow.” Marcel Duchamp

I am an autodidact when it pertains to learning about the arts, criticism, and literary theory. In order to “get” what experimental poetry is about, i have had to read widely in the fields of experimental & innovative literature, Modernism, as well as, Post-modernism. M; Margo [Margo Emm] is an experimental poet, musician, Facebook personality, and editor whose career I have followed for several years. Having reviewed their books, it seems clear that each volume serves both psychological and literary purposes. Many of their poems address Margo’s ongoing experiences with “gender dysphoria,” and I have categorized them as a writer of “angst,” as a master of dark…

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