.diagnosis. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

look at the actor,acting that the arms hurts

to help with self diagnosis.

it will be ok if we have paper to write


wait for news of those that are dying, have died

of fire.

we may still have paper.

to draw on.

read the news and watch the radio, we can keep

up to date through the publications

if they have paper to print on.

numbers rise,

high rise.


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two advance blurbs

things the dead say

These apply to the book forever Emma forthcoming from Craig Podmore’s Antiseptic Press at the end of this godforsaken summer. Check the link out, you can see Craig’s films & order books too.

Forever Emma is easily McLean’s best endeavor so far: while encapsulating the atheistic manifestations in his prior works (ghost death blood corpse absence distance) these elements are breathed to life, as to living characters, through valid love for his Emma. Love is not a neutral topic, and David makes certain that it stays that way. Emma is alive, yet full of resplendent contradiction, conflict, confusion. Time is beaten down, means nothing at all except something that the love David writes of destroys. There is nothing past touch, the poet writes, & i say, in an avid follower of David’s work, that to beat time down, to make love immortal, is the poet’s endgame.

Carolyn Srygley-Moore, author of

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For them all by Rang-Zeb Rango Hussain

I am not a silent poet

For the Refugees who have lost their all,
For the Homeless who are abandoned,
For the Forsaken who have no one,
For the Voiceless who go unheard,
For the Loveless who grieve for trust,
For the Dead who perished in poverty’s fire,
For the Orphans who dream no more,
For the Betrayed who died far from home,
For Humanity in a time of mass poison.

for them all

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Around by Gale Acuff

I am not a silent poet

Why do I want to see the world before
I die? It’s not like I’ll be able to
enjoy it later, when I’m stuck in one
place and can never leave, unless my soul
can split my body and wander where it
pleases, and even then, how will it be
able to touch the things it’s missed in life?
I can’t go anywhere without getting
in trouble anyway. At 44
I had to go to China–China–for
a year to teach English; I left Texas
independent. I returned–to Baton
Rouge, Louisiana, taught for one term.
Two weeks into that I knew I had to
go back to China, where I spent three years.
My mother lives in California–from
Shanghai I flew to visit her, then off
to Georgia, a few weeks with my brother.
I almost take a job in Alabama
but turn it down to come to Palestine.

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Mafioso Pizza by Joe Balaz

I am not a silent poet

Soon aftah I wen move
into da new neighborhood

I walked around wun corner to see
wun catchy sign above wun storefront window—

Mafioso Pizza.

 Next to da name of da joint

wuz wun depiction
of wun 1930s Chicago style gangster.

Da character wuz wearing
wun fedora and wun suit

and he wuz smiling
while he wuz holding wun tommy gun.

Da caption on da bottom of da sign
read “There’s no crime in killing your hunger.”

One of my friends did tell me

dat dis West Side area wuz moa rougher
den wheah I used to live.

At least da owner of da pizzeria
had wun sense of humor.

Den again
it’s not as crazy as da East Side of town.

Cleveland’s police
and some suspect bad guys

recently took it
to wun new kine height ovah deah.

Law enforcement
responded to wun high speed car chase


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Seep and Drip by Joe Balaz

I am not a silent poet

His body engines stay roaring

and he’s ready foa take flight

cause all his cells have been altered

and da damage is in sight—

Da reluctant passenger

going crash slowly

into wun invisible fireball.


and cancerous consequences

going be talking in present tenses

wen all da doctors do dere tests

and find wun tragedy in da results.

Dis unfortunate situation

could be coming down da road

cause people going find out

wat has been happening.

Da average person on da street

might be one of many

who has been drinking

traces of aviation juice

witout knowing it.

Undahground at Red Hill

da military got wun massive storage system

dat wuz built just above

wun important aquifer.

Da large tanks wuz leaking jet fuel foa years

and now da public going get wun huge surprise.

At da hearing

wun spokesmen foa da Navy

wants to sweep everyting

undah wun bamboo…

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Anti-gay pogrom in Chechnya by Stefanie Bennett

I am not a silent poet

And I will love you because
the world never did.
And I will cloak you in syllables
to  keep inquiring eyes at bay.
And I will cover our footprints
so daringly
that no-one will ask,
ever again,
for a sequel to love and loveliness.
And you will love me because
the world never did.
Because the gentleness of fortitude
is a hard act to follow.
And we will scrape up
our worldly ruins
to begin building this
hectare of the heart
cupped between the planet’s breast.
Know that the quiet doctrines will be
as fragile
as your face.
The direction…
clear as a single birdcall
across the idioms
of free space.
In a land where
no wall stands we will
meet and set our lives to the order
of metaphysical things.
We will love because
the world never did; and
give back
what was never taken

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