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Autism Stanzas by Liùsaidh

I am not a silent poet


Ask me what it’s like to care for my kid. At
six, she cannot speak; is still wearing nappies.
Scotland, here we live, an autism ‘problem’,
Welfare dependent

not by choice, (I had a career—a Masters.)
Whitehall, righteous, speaks of women just like me;
‘Lazy cows!’ the subtext of slogan-rants on
‘Hard-working families.’

Studies show we’re under more stress than soldiers—
Judged, dismissed by bankrolled and bought politicians.
Slothful me. I laze in life of scrubbing
shit off the carpet

where she’s smeared her stools, God, I’m such a slattern;
break my back (my daughter resists when dressing).
Two hour’s sleep, but clearly the Tories think that
I should work harder.

Liùsaidh is a Forward Prize-nominated poet, lyricist, author and critic from the west of Scotland. Prior to sliding to the bottom of society, she worked the law.   Her work has appeared online and…

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