Trump is Not a Person, by Heath Brougher

I am not a silent poet

Trump is not a person. He is the conduit of hatred
that was lying latent in the heads and hearts
of the American herd which sprung into action
when the poles closed so cold and relevant
on that terrible Tuesday. Now, a lunatic bounces
off the walls of the oval office after admittedly,
and in such a braggardly way, to grabbing many an oval orifice
which would have spelled immediate political death
for any sane politician. This is why Trump is not a person.
Trump is an ideology reflected back at the bigoted, dumb as a rock
populace, which, consciously or subconsciously,
ate up his bigotry right from the filthy, golden dog dish
upon which this blight was served. Equality is now
severely jeopardized and is slowly atrophying
every minute this man, this idea, is alive and breathing
with his tiny hands so wrathfully wrapped around
the biggest piece of…

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